Civil Appellate and Trial Practice

The Law Offices of Karen J. Haas provides superior Appellate and Trial Support services to clients and trial attorneys in all areas of civil practice, state and federal. Ms. Haas has over two-decades of experience and knowledge that can maximize the monetary value of a case, and put it in the best possible posture for trial, appeal, or settlement. It takes a particularly effective and staunch advocate to pursue or defend a lawsuit on behalf of an individual or small business whether against one party, multiple parties, or the legal team of a Fortune 500 Company.

Recent Victories

Decision allowing punitive damages to go to jury against BP Oil. A group of high school students purchased beer from a gas station convenience store known for not asking for ID. The teens drank at several parties and later that night got into their cars and started racing. One of the cars hit some trees and flipped over. The driver suffered injuries to his head resulting in brain damage, while his good friend and passenger, who was not wearing a seat belt, died. While philosophical arguments can be made about the arbitrariness of the drinking age and who is to blame, every state in our nation has adopted 21 as the current limit. For a company to knowingly disregard that law in the pursuit of profit is as reckless and thoughtless as the act of drinking and driving. A couple of families lost dearly that night and BP Oil and others paid $5.6 million in settlement.

In a medical malpractice case, after treatment by the private university hospital and physician, a patient experienced uncontrolled systemic sepsis, resulting in multi-organ system involvement including neurologic and brain injuries and impairment of mobility. The private university hospital claimed she was not their patient, but rather an indigent patient of the Public Health Trust -- until on eve of summary judgment hearing, they settled the case.

Decision knocking JP Morgan Chase and Suntrust Bank's mortgages off homestead, receiver appointed, and homestead sold with proceeds paying final judgment of child support arrearages.