Personal Injury - Wrongful Death

Personal injury cases range from common to complex. Ms. Haas has a breadth and depth of experience obtained from years of working with the best trial attorneys on procedural and substantive issues involving personal injury and wrongful death. For instance, Florida's five cruise ports produce a good share of the world's embarcations. Any injury involving a cruise line may implicate issues of jurisdiction and venue; federal substantive law even in state court; a moving scene of the accident; and a defendant loathe to produce discovery.

Even the best trial attorneys handle common personal injury cases. Ms. Haas can assist by addressing legal issues that can turn the mundane into money.

Notable Cases

Underage Sale of Alcohol -- A group of high school students purchased beer from a gas station convenience store known for not asking for ID. The teens drank at several parties and later that night got into their cars and started racing. One of the cars hit some trees and flipped over. The driver suffered injuries to his head resulting in brain damage, while his good friend and passenger, who was not wearing a seat belt, died. While philosophical arguments can be made about the arbitrariness of the drinking age and who is to blame, every state in our nation has adapted 21 as the current limit. For a company to knowingly disregard that law in the pursuit of profit is as reckless and thoughtless as the act of drinking and driving. A couple of families lost dearly that night and BP Oil and others paid 5.6 million in settlement.

Loss of Thumb at Disney World -- A 10 year old boy was a passenger in a boat at the Pirates of the Caribbean. The passengers, including the boy and his father, were instructed to keep their arms in the boat at all times. Evidently, the boy's hand was in the water when his boat bumped into the side of another boat, catching the hand between them. The thumb had to be amputated. The boy won at trial. After appeal by Disney World, the case was sent back for new trial, and settled.

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