Practice of Law

Sometimes even lawyers need a lawyer. As an appellate/trial support attorney, Ms. Haas is often requested to represent or assist other attorneys with issues they encounter in the practice of law, such as claims for attorney's fees or disputes with other attorneys over fees. She sometimes serves as an expert witness in these claims or disputes.

Notable Cases

Judge Refusing to Let Attorney Participate -- A young attorney left a prestigious law firm,
taking a client with him. For months, the trial court would not approve his substitution of counsel form, so he could represent the client in court. On a Petition for Writ of Mandamus, the appeals court ordered the judge to grant the motion. The attorney was finally able to move the case forward.

Fee Dispute Between Ex-Partners -- On partial summary judgment, the court ordered the attorney was entitled to $618,622 against his ex-partner.

Award of Risk Multiplier to Discharged Firm -- A firm was discharged from a medical malpractice action prior to settlement. The trial court considered a 2.0 risk multiplier in calculating the quantum meruit value of the discharged firm's services. The appeals court held it was reversible error to consider risk multiplier; an attorney representing a client under a contingency fee contract discharged without cause before the contingency occurs may only recover in quantum meruit limited by the maximum contract fee.

Inadequate Fee for Divorce Appeal -- An attorney was granted entitlement to fees for obtaining a writ of certiorari where the trial court exceeding its jurisdiction in freezing certain trust proceeds. The 3d District Court of Appeal granted the husband's motion for fees and remanded to the trial court to fix amount. The wife challenged the entitlement to fees in the trial court, and an inadequate amount was awarded. The husband moved for review in the appeals court, which not only reversed the inadequate amount and remanded with instructions to enter the amount requested, but also sua sponte awarded attorney’s fees sanctions against the wife for the appeal made necessary by frivolous claims before trial court.

Contempt Against Attorney -- In a contempt proceeding against an attorney, the trial judge erred in simultaneously dismissing the proceeding and recusing himself.
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